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13 Critical Factors Facing Chemical Storage | Whitepaper


"A must-read before any chemical tank installation"


There are many points that need to be considered when installing a PE Chemical Tank, to find out more download our whitepaper 13 Critical Factors Facing Chemical Storage, it also includes an installation checklist


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Polyethylene (PE) has become the #1 material choice used to fabricate tanks storing chemicals and other corrosive and dangerous liquids.


Firstly, there is a huge cost benefit in using PE compared to other materials such as fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) and Stainless Steel.

Secondly, PE has greater longevity and PE doesn’t corrode when it encounters corrosive-type chemicals.

But did you know that not all PE material is the same and not all tanks are engineered the same.…download the whitepaper to gain a greater understanding of how to Solve the Biggest Problems with Chemical Storage!​​

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